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Do you want to start your own brand? Do you have the idea, but don't know where to go?

We help you in the design of your brand, the search for factories, designs, materials and everything you need from the conception of the idea to its materialization.

We offer you advice and tools to learn about warehousing processes, inventory management, reception and shipment of merchandise and we help you in all logistic processes to make your distribution easier.

Do not worry, in Ragatex we have more than 2.000m2 of independent space dedicated to the management of your stock, send us your products and our logistics team will receive, review, count and place your products with the utmost care in your space, making us manage your orders in the fastest and most efficient way.

If you have your own warehouse and you have a fast order management, we will take care of finding the most suitable customers for your needs and your products. Choose the channel you want to develop and our commercial advisors will take care of the rest, we will pass you proposals, so you can choose the path your brand will follow during the development and help us to help you!

Take advantage of our entry and start working with us:

  • Of course! Within the solutions we offer, it is also included the help in the integral management of your platforms or places where you are present. For this purpose, we will assign you an agent who, with the credentials you provide, will manage your account remotely and will advise you to achieve the best possible results.
  • We also provide an ATC service dedicated to Marketplaces so that your end customer always leaves you good ratings and your products are always highlighted for their reliability.

Sometimes wanting to grow a lot makes us sell to customers without establishing a clear distribution policy, so with our analysis tools and your help we can control the final selling price of your products. Our team will identify the platform, the seller and the origin of your products so that you can see how they got there and we will make sure that the sellers adjust to your sales policy, so that your brand continues to grow without distorting its image or its price.


  • Since 2006 and with an approach focused on the distribution of the best brands at competitive prices, we have evolved to become one of the best partners thanks to our different business models depending on the needs of our suppliers and customers.
  • We began our journey with retail distribution to large Outlet chains in the Iberian Peninsula, filling their spaces with the best products of brands such as Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren.
  • Thanks to our know-how and good work we consolidated as a major distributor in the peninsula, allowing us to access more customers both Outlet and large chains and specialty stores.
  • This distribution network has allowed us to continue growing and based on the needs of our customers both retail and e-commerce, which has made us become the largest importer of Colombian lingerie and swimwear throughout Europe several years in a row, the largest multi-brand supplier of major private sale websites internationally or that has allowed us to develop our own brands and collections by importing from major textile powers in the world.

Beauty and Perfumery

  • Thanks to our valuable knowledge gained from working with the major fashion brands, we began a collaboration with their perfume and beauty divisions. This allowed us to reach much more demanding customers with spaces dedicated to luxury products, among which we have national and international perfumeries, hotel groups and we have even made promotional collaborations to supply exclusive products on cruise ships.


  • What would fashion and beauty be without accessories? Thanks to our growth and constant close collaboration with our customers, we have been expanding the range of products available to achieve excellence at all times. From eyewear from the best designers to watches or belts from the most exclusive brands, our catalog offers our customers the possibility to create an environment dedicated to luxury. Our sales consultants work with the strictest guidelines and quality controls to offer consumers premium products.


  • In our daily routine, from the moment we wake up until the end of the day, we make use of different household appliances that make our day to day life easier. For this reason, and to make it easier for our customers to reach every home, we have a wide selection of brands that allow us to cover even the smallest needs, always looking for the best value for money.

Computing and technology

  • As a result of our trajectory, we decided to expand our distribution network with computer and technological products, oriented to the needs and requirements of our customers, constantly monitoring the trends and new technologies appearing in the market.

Other Industries

Books and Stationery

Children's products

Pet products

Erotic products


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